Two New Sections


In an effort to constantly improve the usefulness of the website, two new sections have been added under Resources:
- Technology
- Teacher's Area

The technology area includes a brief summary of Imagine Learning as well as a link to Milcuentos, which was sent to us by Stella Sanchez from the Estrellita pilot.

The Teacher's Area is password protected (password will be shared at our next Dual Language Meeting, or speak to Mr. Metz) so that we may upload resources that are only for use within the building, and may not be posted elsewhere on the internet.  I have added a link to the Google Docs version of the goals.  If you access the goals through this link, you DO NOT have to log in using a Google Account to access/edit the goals.  Additionally, and electronic version of  the "Sonidos Iniciales" Wall Cards has been uploaded there as well.

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